Hoop and Spike Wall Clock.

 The restoration of a clock dial is something that needs care and thought. A few years ago it was fairly standard procedure for most restorers to completely strip a brass dial of its surface and polish then bright lacquer the brass parts and cut back and even re-grain with abrasive the silvered chapters. Not only did this result in a standard uniform look to every dial it also destroyed large amounts of original patina with the variation of lacquer through time. Heavy abrasives on engrav...

Posted on 4th October 2013

Silent escapement, gut pallets.

The verge escapement with it’s distinctive crown wheel is notable not only for its early adaptation in the first pendulum clocks of the 1650’s but also pre-pendulum clocks such as the early 1371 iron clock Richard of Wallington in Winchester cathedral. It continued to be used in domestic timepieces up to as late as the1800’s with one of its distinct features being the vigorous swing of the pendulum, sometimes visible on the dial in the aperture of the false pendulum. This ac...

Posted on 4th October 2013