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The verge escapement with it’s distinctive crown wheel is notable not only for its early adaptation in the first pendulum clocks of the 1650’s but also pre-pendulum clocks such as the early 1371 iron clock Richard of Wallington in Winchester cathedral. It continued to be used in domestic timepieces up to as late as the1800’s with one of its distinct features being the vigorous swing of the pendulum, sometimes visible on the dial in the aperture of the false pendulum. This action is also accompanied by an equally strident ticking.
This characteristic is often valued as a large part of the charm of a verge but I have been to more than one house where a clock is left unwound, particularly a wall clock where the tick is amplified, because the owners say “it’s too loud.”
I therefore find it interesting that more clocks were not made with a silent escapement. Such a function would have been ideal in early versions of the travel alarm. The traditional English lantern clock with it’s familiar construction of brass plate and castings with a bell atop, had more or less ceased to be made in London by 1700 except in it’s miniature form. This miniature clock was a thirty-hour timepiece without a strike but with an alarm and if your lucky enough to find one, a wooden case complete with compartments for the weights. The ubiquitous lantern clock, the first English domestic timepiece had been superseded by far more elaborate striking and quarter repeating clocks in grand cases with exquisite veneers but it was still very useful as a portable alarm.
George Graham is credited with the introduction of the silent pallets (the part of the mechanism which receives the constant blows from the escaping crown wheel and with which creates the tick.) The best design resembles a stirrup with a thin piece of gut pulled taut across the bottom. A few early Tompion’s are fitted with gut pallets but these are presumed to be later replacements. However a couple of important table clocks by Graham numbered 721 & 722 (a three train grande sonnerie movement) appear to be the original and thus the earliest recorded in around 1730.(Thank you Jeremy Evans.)
After these early pieces all the other examples I have come across are generally not till the mid 18th century but always the very best makers often with a link to Graham such as one of his apprentices Thomas Mudge, Barkley & Colley (Grahams Successors), William Dutton and Vulliamy & Gray. The quality of all these clocks was very apparent and noticeably higher than most contemporaneous workmanship. Not only are they finely made, the sprightly action of the escapement gives testament as to how well the clock is performing. The action of the pendulum being equally as great with the crown wheel impulsing and pushing the softer gut as the hardened steel of the usual verge. Initially this was a surprise to me but emphasises how important the correct length of pallets is to a well-made escapement. The other notable feature is that they are incredibly silent, when oiled the clock really cannot be heard.
So why were silent pallets not used more often, particularly in bedroom clocks? Were they thought to be too hard to make or that they would not work well enough? Or were there more originally produced that have subsequently been changed to the more conventional steel verge?

Posted on 4th October 2013

Great post Neill! Very informative.
Zara Rowe | Friday 04 October 2013
Very interesting story about the English lantern clock, but a shame that she is not longer produced since 1700. Kind regards Brian
Brian Marconi | Friday 09 May 2014
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