Antique Clock Hands & Replacements

I sell replica replacement clock hands for a variety of antique clocks. I've always found it difficult to source good quality clock hands or replica clock hands that are made of a durable material, correct in style and readily available.

For these reasons I now produce my own replica hands from my workshop here in Kent, which I sell on to customers. The clock hands I produce are exact copies of period hands, complete with fine detail and character - the reference numbers reflect the date of the clock from which they are copied.

Each set of hands are made from gauge plate, and the thickness is dependent on the date of the original hands i.e. matching pairs for 1800 are 1mm, earlier hour hands are 2mm thick, which can then be filed down to a fine taper.

All the hands are cut out, then fettled, finished and expertly fitted to your requirements - each hand is centered with 1mm spot. All patterns are in stock, and in most circumstances ready for immediate despatch via post.