Antique Restoration & Repairs

The restoration and repair of a delicate masterpiece requires careful and sensitive handling. My five year apprenticeship, three years studying horological theory and practice, and subsequent years as a journeyman, have prepared me well.

During my journeyman years, I gained a rich experience working for the London antique trade. As I’m sure you know, the French produced many finely made clocks with various styles of cases from Louis XVI to the late 19th century, and huge numbers made their way to England. I have estimated that I restored well over a thousand of these clocks including their cases.

My passion, however, really lies in the period of great English clockmaking – the 17th and 18th century to which I have successfully dedicated my skills for over twenty years. My workshop is equipped with earlier clockmaking tools to specifically restore and repair timepieces from this era. Some of my work has included quarter repeating as well as a number of grande sonneries by makers such as Thomas Tompion and Jonathan Puller.